Lakhs of Affordable Dwelling Units to be constructed in newly announced 109 sectors in land pooling zones.

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Land Pooling Policy

Land Pooling in Delhi further streamlined; DDA now to act as only originator
Transfer of assembled land to DDA not mandatory; Single Window sanctions for speedy implementation
DDA asked to formulate guidelines in a month; also to start spatial and service preparation
HUA Minister Shri Hardeep Singh Puri and LG of Delhi discuss Policy in detail
Probable land pooling of 22,000 hectares to increase economic action

Land Pooling in Delhi, projected to meet the rising request for housing and other needs also stimulating economic development is now further easy for speedy execution. Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will now act more as an organizer and planner as against the role originally imagined for it as a part of popularization of execution of land pooling policy.

Minister of Housing & Urban Activities Shri Hardeep Singh Puri and Lt. Governor of Delhi Shri Anil Baijal met in NirmanBhawan and debatedseveral aspects of the Land Pooling Policy and decided to make some variations in the policy absolute earlier. Shri DugaShanker Mishra, Secretary (HUA) and Vice-Chairman of DDA also contributed in the discussion.

Initially, land pooled under the Policy was to be moved to DDA which was to act as the Developer Entity (DE) and undertake further sectorial preparation and growth of infrastructure in the pooled land. The Minister and LG today obvious to do away with this need and land title endures to be with the unique land owners.

DDA was asked to directly pledge spatial and services scheduling for the five zones enclosed under Land Pooling Policy so that the policy could be given fast effect after completion of regulations under the Policy. While both the Minister and LG uttered concern over delay in applying Land Pooling Policy, Shri Puri thanked Shri Baijal for his inventiveness in having 89 villages acknowledged as urban areas under the Delhi Municipal Act, 1957 and 95 villages as Development Areas, as needed for the operation of land pooling. DDA was focused to formulate necessary guidelines under the Policy in accordance with the changes in a month time. DDA was also asked to guarantee single window clearance device for according essential approvals for speedy operation.

Land Pooling Policy covers the Greenfield zones in five zones viz., J, K-1, L, N and P-II coming under the Master Plan of Delhi-2021. To incentivize dense growth for active utilization of rare land resource in the national capital, the Policy permits improved FAR of 200 as alongside the present 150. To endorse reasonable housing, an extra FAR of 15% is also allowed.

About 22,000 hectares of land is projected to be united which could meet the requirements of about 95 lakh people. Land pooling would catalyze economic, social and civic development of the national capital also triggering significant investments and employment generation.

As per the Land Pooling Policy, 60% of pooled land would be reverted to land owners after substructure development, if the pooled land is 20 hectares and above and 48% if the land united is between 2 and 20 hectares. Of the 60% of refunded land, 53% will be for housing purpose, 5% for city level commercial use and 2% for Public and Semi-public use. In the other case, the same would be 43%, 3% and 2% individually.

Reasonable households for EWS to be constructed under the Policy shall be of the size of 32-40 sq.mtres. Half of this residential stock shall be reserved by the Developer Entity to house Community Facility People working for the residents/owners of the Group Housing. These houses will be constructed at the site or at premises adjoining to the site allotted. The other half of reasonable houses shall be sold to DDA at the base cost of Rs.2,000 per sq.ft for further sale to receivers.